Avril Lavigne’s “Head Above Water” Tops iTunes Worldwide Chart

“Head Above Water”, the new single from Canadian singer Avril Lavigne, has topped the iTunes Worldwide Chart with #1 placements in a number of countries. This is the singer songwriter’s first single in three years, the last offering being “Fly” dedicated to the Special Olympics.

Having battled Lyme disease, Lavigne has not been able to release a new album since her self-titled disc in 2013. That album spawned a number of hits including “Here’s to Never Growing Up” and “Let Me Go” featuring Nickelback frontman Chad Kroeger.

“Head Above Water” follows along the course of piano driven power ballads like “Let Me Go” and “Fly” and lyrically focuses on her determination to survive the brutal effects of Lyme.

For those who were longing for an Avril Lavigne comeback, all we can say is … boy, what a comeback!

Avril Lavigne has received 13 Vevo Certified Awards and sold an estimated 90 million records worldwide.


Amr Diab Threatened for Walking Like an Egyptian

Egypt’s fabulous Amr Diab has made the Guinness Book of World Records as the best-selling Middle Eastern artist. He has been releasing albums since 1983 and is the founding father of modern so-called Mediterranean music. His latest disc, Kol Hayaty (All My Life), will be out October 3 and a few tracks have been released, including “Hadded” (Threatened). Have a listen to the official audio below.

Tik Tok: G.E.M. Is Making Big Moves

Gloria Deng, operating under moniker G.E.M. (Get Everybody Moving) is cleaning up. Although the Shanghai born, Hong Kong raised singer has not released a full length studio album since 2015, she has been high in demand voicing songs for movie soundtracks and themes for TV shows.

In 2016, Gloria appeared in Forbes 30 Under 30 Music list along with stars like Selena Gomez, Nick Jonas, and Jason Derulo. She was the only Asian to make the grade.

Later that year, she released the Chinese theme song for the sci-fi film Passengers (starring Jennifer Lawrence) titled “Light Years Away”. The music video, currently at 138 million views, has far surpassed Vevo certification levels.

Deng was the voice of Sleeping Beauty in animated feature film Charming which also starred the dubs of Avril Lavigne, Ashley Tisdale, and Sia.

G.E.M. now has the top song at iTunes Taiwan called “Tik Tok”, and anticipation is running high for a new LP. Check out the MV below dripping with her syrupy yodel-inflected vocals.

Korea’s BTS Tops U.S. Billboard Albums Chart

While Psy cleaned up in the singles department a few year’s ago, it is Korea’s BTS who becomes the first K-pop act to strike number one on the U.S. Billboard 200 albums chart. The name of the album is Love Yourself: Tear. While the United States is only the third most populous nation in the world, it is the top music market. The album sold 100,000 copies there in its first week of release. BTS recently performed hit single from the album “Fake Love” at the Billboard Music Awards in Statue of Liberty land. When announcing nominees for Top Social artist, BTS garnered far more audience screams than Justin Bieber and Shawn Mendes. The group won the award for the second year in a row. Band member RM, who spoke when accepting the trophy, chose to do so with an African American accent which was odd. Accents aside, below is the dazzling MV for “Fake Love” which has surpassed 100 million views on YouTube.

Marie-Mai Builds an Empire

Marie-Mai is a platinum recording artist from Canada, one of the biggest names in the country when it comes to Franco pop and has been able to sell out Montreal’s Bell Centre with back-to-back shows. She launched her career as a finalist of the first season of the reality show Star Académie. During the closing ceremony of the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympic Games, Marie-Mai performed “Emmène-moi”. Below is her latest music video, “Empire”. Enjoy.

Kacey Musgraves of The USA Woos Fans and Critics on Golden Hour

Kacey Musgraves is a recording artist from the United States, and she has just released her third album, Golden Hour. Apparently, she is the only person in the world to have high-fived a British royal. Kacey mixes lyrical stories with pop and country, and embeds some progressive elements. Fans held high anticipation for this album worried that, like many stars, after two winners she had run out of steam. When they heard it, the wind was knocked out of them. Golden Hour has received a Metacritic score of 90/100 with five out of five stars awarded by The Guardian and many critics hailing it as the best album of 2018 so far. Golden Hour is absolutely beautiful: atmospheric, rich, lush, and hair-raising from start to finish. With dreamy, laid back, arrangements, and perky beats, the centerpiece is Kacey’s gorgeous voice. She has completely knocked it out of the park. Official audio for opener “Slow Burn” embedded below.

Denmark’s MLTR Releases 9th Album, Still

Denmark’s Michael Learns to Rock has released its 9th studio album, Still. The band is a special one, performing in English and seeing much of its popularity stem from eastern Asia. Their reworking of Jacky Cheung’s “Goodbye Kiss” as “Take Me to Your Heart” received 6 million paid downloads in the year 2006. MLTR has sold an estimated 11 million albums. In keeping with the band’s European tinged soft rock or pop rock style, the new album doesn’t disappoint. Below we have embedded an English language mini documentary on the making of the album which was recorded in Copenhagen and includes sound snippets from some of the album tracks.

Vietnam’s My Tam Releases 9th Album

It’s time to talk about V-Pop, and the V stands for Vietnamese. Female soloist My Tam released album Tam 9 (her 9th) at the end of 2017, and it has done superbly. The most popular track on the album thus far is the closer, “Nguoi Hay Quen Em DI” or “Please Forget Me” which has a pleasant acoustic guitar chillout vibe. The dancing children in the music video is a nice touch. Tam’s official debut was in 2001 and a couple years later, due to superstar success, was crowned as Queen of V-Pop. Find the aforementioned MV below, up to nearly 17 million views.

Wang Fei and Na Ying Usher in Chinese New Year 2018

It’s Chinese New Year 2018 and the year of the dog. The annual CCTV gala, watched by 800 million people, shone from Beijing. One of the highlights was a duet performed by C-Pop superstars Wang Fei and Na Ying. These women are 48 and 50 respectively and still going strong and looking good. The former is originally from Beijing and rose to fame in Hong Kong. The latter is from Shenyang, Liaoning and is of Manzu ethnicity. Watch the duet below.

Chvrches Wants to Get Out

Chvrches is a British synthpop trio from Glasgow, Scotland, and the group has released brand new single “Get Out” which in our estimation is its finest song yet. The band’s strong suit is assuredly the vocals of lead singer Lauren Mayberry who has one of the most beautiful voices in pop music today. The song heralds the group’s upcoming 2018 album Love Is Dead.

Singapore’s JJ Lin Tops Hit FM 2017 Year-End Chart

While Singapore couldn’t get enough of Shanghai’s Joker Xue in 2017, Taibei was all about Singapore’s JJ Lin. With his music now being produced by Canadian heavyweight David Foster, the treacly vocalist topped Hit FM’s year-end chart with “Little Big Us”. Singapore’s Stefanie Sun made the Top 10 as well. A couple of Korean artists made the cut, namely Crush and Jonghyun. The latter, a former member of Shinee, committed suicide at the end of the year sadly. Will Pan is an “ABC” i.e. American-born Chinese. Ronghao Li is from Anhui. The UK’s Ed Sheeran comes in at 5th of the year.

1. 偉大的渺小 Little Big Us by 林俊傑 JJ Lin
2. 我想你了 Think of You by 畢書盡 Bii
3. Beautiful by Crush
4. 連名帶姓 Full Name by aMEI 張惠妹
5. Shape of You by Ed Sheeran
6. 風衣 Windbreaker by 孫燕姿 Stefanie Sun Yanzi
7. 我們的愛 Our Love by 獅子合唱團 LION (Cover of F.I.R song)
8. 종현 Lonely by JONGHYUN Feat. 태연 Taeyeon
9. 啞巴 Numb by 潘瑋柏 Will Pan
10. That Is It (就這樣) by Ronghao Li (李榮浩)

The 10 Biggest Songs of 2017 in Australia

Below are the 10 biggest hits of 2017 in Australia according to the ARIA year-end chart. Britain’s Ed Sheeran takes the cake with “Shape of You”, and a number of other songs by him populate the Top 10. The top song by an Australian artist in the Top 100 is “Chameleon” by Pnau at #32.

1. Shape of You by Ed Sheeran
2. Despacito by Fonsi & Yankee Ft. Justin Bieber
3. Castle on the Hill by Ed Sheeran
4. Perfect by Ed Sheeran
5. Something Just Like This by The Chainsmokers & Coldplay
6. Thunder by Imagine Dragons
7. Galway Girl by Ed Sheeran
8. Humble by Kendrick Lamar & Skrillex
9. Glorious by Macklemore
10. There’s Nothing Holdin’ Me Back by Shawn Mendes

Top 100 Chinese Songs of 2017 by Singapore’s Yes 93.3

When it comes to CPop (i.e. Chinese language pop music), there is no authoritative year-end chart. We’re talking about well over a billion people throughout the Chinese territories and beyond. Compiling such a list would be a formidable task. A number of radio stations in various cities put together their own charts. Singapore’s Yes 93.3 is highly respected, and on New Year’s Eve 2017-2018, the station counted down its reckoning of the biggest Mandarin songs of the year. We list them all below in Chinese text. For the Top 10, we include English names and titles with a little info on the songs/artists. We’ll throw in a few music videos along the way.

1. 动物世界/薛之谦

“Animal World” by Joker Xue Zhitian. Formerly known as Jacky Xue, this … Joker (he is a comedian) … is a Shanghainese singer. “Animal World” is the opening track off his 2017 album The Crossing.

2. 飘向北方/王力宏、黄明志

“Stranger in the North” by Namewee Ft. Alexander Wang Leehom. Namewee is a rapper from Malaysia and Alex Wang is an American singer. The music video for this one has attracted over 100 million views on Youtube.

3. 家家酒/家家

“Playhouse” by Jia Jia. Jia Jia is an Aboriginal singer from the island of Taiwan. “Playhouse” has quite a memorable chorus.

4. 暧昧/薛之谦

“Ambiguous” by Joker Xue Zhitian. We’re back to the Joker. This is the second track off his 2017 album.

5. 第一百个我/容祖儿

“The Hundredth Me” by Joey Yung. Joey’s from Hong Kong and rocketed to superstardom in 2003 via “My Pride” which began as a jingle for a TV commercial.

6. 18/李玟

“18” by Coco Lee. Coco is a well-known Hong Kong born American singer and has performed at the Oscars.

7. 炸药/动力火车

“Explosives” by Power Station. This is a rock duo from the Republic of China.

8. 歌谣/李荣浩

“Ballad” by Ronghao Li. Ronghao is from Anhui Province in Mainland China.

9. 未单身 / Alin

“Pseudo Single, Yet Single” by Alin. This is another Aboriginal singer from Taiwan.

10. 爱在身边 / 周兴哲

“Unbreakable Love” by Eric Chou. Eric is a singer-songwriter from Taiwan who went to high school in Boston, USA.

The Remaining Top 100

11. 理智与感情/郑秀文
12. 迁徙/张信哲
13. 跟自己合唱/动力火车
14. 就这样/李荣浩
15. 告白气球/周杰伦
16. 谁来剪月光/陈奕迅
17. 青春住了谁/杨丞琳
18. 我不是神/方炯斌
19. 秘果/梁静茹
20. 光年之外/邓紫棋
21. 换我爱你/何维健
22. 披风/陈奕迅
23. 只愿和你相爱/动力火车
24. 凉凉/杨宗纬、张碧晨
25. 观众/杨丞琳
26. 陪你/范玮琪
27. 你离开他了吗/曾沛慈

28. Coming Home/潘玮柏
29. 瘀青/张智成
30. 还能拥抱/潘嘉丽
31. 最初的记忆/徐佳莹
32. 丹宁执着/林俊杰 feat 消除联盟
33. 烂好人/阿杜
34. 光之海/A-Lin
35. 我会一直想你/郭美美
36. 永不失联的爱/周兴哲
37. 别走远了/插班生
38. 快乐一次拥有/周兴哲
39. 我不能忘记你/林忆莲
40. 爱如空气/韦礼安
41. 在意/韦礼安
42. 还是想念/家家
43. 一直走/A-Lin
44. 之外/陈奕迅
45. 我害怕/薛之谦
46. 美女与野兽/田馥甄、井柏然
47. 志明与春娇(华语版)/五月天
48. 一诺千年/阿杜
49. 偏爱/曾沛慈
50. 天若有情/A-Lin
51. I Do/莫文蔚
52. 火星人来过/薛之谦
53. 我爱的人不爱我/张智成
54. 我们分开应该会好一点/Fuying & Sam
55. 在没有你以后/谢和弦、张智成
56. 一百种孤独的理由/郭美美
57. 好好爱个女孩/张信哲
58. 好爱好散/陈势安
59. 跳舞的梵谷/孙燕姿
60. 倒流/郁可唯
61. 等/品冠
62. A.I爱/王力宏
63. 桃花诺/邓紫棋
64. 哑巴/潘玮柏
65. 孤独是会上瘾的/吴克群

66. 原地打转/插班生
67. 很爱过一个人/丁当
68. 我很愉快/孙燕姿
69. 根本没爱过/潘玮柏
70. 为梦想闪耀/何维健
71. 夏至末夏/胡夏
72. 一念成魔/曹格
73. 单/杨丞琳
74. I Do/陈奕迅
75. 嗯/李荣浩
76. 惯性取暖/小宇
77. 好好(好想把你写成一首歌)/五月天
78. 为爱而爱/鼓鼓
79. 巨人的肩膀/林宥嘉
80. 偷故事的人/张惠妹
81. 风衣/孙燕姿
82. 水星记/郭顶
83. 是爱呀,哈利/插班生
84. 最笨的人是我/方炯斌
85. 一直都在/沈志豪
86. 别问很可怕/J Sheon
87. 像风一样/薛之谦
88. 心率/鹿晗
89. 亲爱的/王力宏
90. 该忘的日子/郭静
91. 我是我/蔡淳佳
92. 船/林宥嘉
93. 身旁/韦礼安
94. 我知道你存在/邱锋泽
95. 凡人歌/五月天、萧敬腾
96. 阎罗王/阎奕格
97. 以刚克刚/邱锋泽,黄振隆
98. 让爱传出去/蔡依林
99. 终于 / 张韶涵
100. 旁观者 / 蔡淳佳

The 10 Biggest Songs of 2017 in Canada

Below are the 10 biggest hits of 2017 in Canada according to the Billboard Canadian Hot 100 year-end chart. Britain’s Ed Sheeran takes the cake with “Shape of You”. The top song by a Canadian artist is “Starboy” by The Weeknd.

1. Shape of You by Ed Sheeran
2. Despacito by Fonsi & Yankee Ft. Justin Bieber
3. Closer by The Chainsmokers Ft. Halsey
4. Something Just Like This by The Chainsmokers & Coldplay
5. Unforgettable by French Montana Ft. Swae Lee
6. Starboy by The Weeknd
7. That’s What I Like by Bruno Mars
8. It Ain’t Me by Kygo x Selena Gomez
9. Rockabye by Clean Bandit Ft. Sean Paul & Anne-Marie
10. I’m the One by DJ Khaled Ft. Justin Bieber, Quavo, et al.

The 10 Biggest Songs of 2017 in Japan

Below are the 10 biggest hits of 2017 in Japan according to the Billboard Japan Hot 100 year-end chart. Their homegrown artist Gen Hoshino is king with “Koi”. All girl group Keyakizaka46 place three songs in the year-end Top 10 which is quite remarkable. We have embedded the MV for “Futari Saison” below.

1. Koi by Gen Hoshino
2. Shape of You by Ed Sheeran
3. Uchiage Hanabi by Daoko X Kehshi Yonezu
4. Fukyouwaon by Keyakizaka46
5. Futari Saison by Keyakizaka46
6. TT by Twice
7. Influencer by Nogizaka 46
8. PPAP (Pen-Pineapple-Apple-Pen) by PIKOTARO
9. Zenzenzense by RADWIMPS
10. Silent Majority by Keyakizaka46