China’s Della Wants to Be Her Own Friend

網頁Della Ding’s (birth surname Wu) rise to superstardom has been slow and steady. She is a native of Zhejiang Province (south of Shanghai), and when 18 years old pursued a singing career, eventually basing herself in Taibei which has developed a strong music industry infrastructure over the years. Della released her debut album, Run Away from Home in 2007, and her momentum hasn’t ceased since then. Her followup in 2008, Decisively Loved, created much buzz especially with delicious tracks “Four Leaf Clover” and “Hard to Guess”. Della released her seventh studio album in March, 2016, Be My Own Friend. Strength lies in her vocals which are just gorgeous and wholesome as she tries them out on a number of musical styles through the disc. Della collaborates with lyricist Chen Mo and famous Korean producer Jae Chong to rework Thailand rock band Slot Machine’s hit song “Kloem” into opener “Want to Fall in Love”. But it is a number of other tracks that have topped the HIT FM charts, the music videos of which have made the 1 million plus club. We have embedded the breathtaking MV for track #3 below.

Della’s big success with this album accompanies an announcement made recently by the IFPI that the Chinese music market grew faster in 2015 over 2014 than any other country in the world. Legal music sales increased 63.8% to $169.7 million, and China now stands as the world’s 14th largest market for music in the world.