Radiohead Burns the Wicker Man


You can be sure progressive rock band Radiohead is in the midst of releasing new music when it does something unexpected. Shutting down all its social networking sites drew some much needed attention after the group’s five-year hibernation, and with that comes a brand new single and stop motion animated music video. “Burn the Witch” sees the British group pay homage to 1973 film The Wicker Man which starred Edward Woodward (who later appeared in TV series The Equalizer) as well as Christopher Lee. The MV, like the film, centers around an investigator who checks out a town. Though on the surface things look pretty, there is something fishy going on. The video has also been compared to children’s TV shows Camberwick Green and Trumpton. It’s cute and creepy, just as Radiohead’s music is both weird and wonderful. The band is set to release its 9th studio album with a world tour expected. Radiohead has scored seven Top 10 hits in the UK and two Top 40s in the United States. Only out for a day, the video is up to 6.5 million views. View it below.