G.R.L. to Re-Form


It has been announced that ABC girl group (the ABC stands for American British Canadian) will be re-forming with a new single ready to launch, hopefully this summer.

GRL was first started up by Robin Antin, the woman responsible for the formation of The Pussycat Dolls and other acts. GRL released an EP and rocketed to stardom with a Pitbull collaboration in song “Wild Wild Love”. “Ugly Heart” was a massive hit in Australia, peaking at #2, and the girls participated in an big televised interview there, the video of which is embedded below. The lineup was Emmalyn Estrada (Canadian), Lauren Bennett (British), Natasha Slayton (American), Paula van Oppen (American), and Simone Battle (American). Songs were composed by a number of big names including Sweden’s Max Martin and Canada’s Henry “Cirkut” Walter.

The group’s increasing momentum was halted by the untimely death of Simone Battle. The four remaining members released a beautiful pop song dedicated to her called “Lighthouse”. Following this, the group disbanded.

On June 18, 2016, it was announced that Robin Antin was reforming the group. Both Paula and Emmalyn opted not to rejoin, the latter stating on Twitter, “I’m not a part of what the other girls are doing, it isn’t the right path for me but I’ll always love and support them.” Both Lauren and Natasha have committed and new member(s) are currently being sought.

Whether all of this actually materializes remains to be seen, but we’re keeping our fingers crossed.