Wanting Qu Drops Two New Tracks


Originally from Harbin, China, singer-songwriter Wanting Qu (female soloist) has been based in Vancouver, Canada since age 16. Both Canadian networks CBC and CTV have televised documentary features on her. Wanting hit the music scene as a breath of fresh air, for in the midst of a western music industry that stands largely as a Blacks and Whites only club, she became in 2009 the first Chinese artist to be signed to the Nettwerk label (Sarah McLachlan, Delerium, Chromeo). As the city of Vancouver is roughly 30% ethnically Chinese with about 20% through the metropolitan area, such a recruitment was long overdue. It came with recognition of a songwriter that had an extraordinary gift. Wanting’s songs are just beautiful. Terry McBride was the man who awakened to this reality and took it upon himself to manage her. In the west, Wanting’s music is being absorbed gradually, while in her native country, she became an overnight superstar. Her debut album, Everything In the World, achieved platinum sales within its first week of release largely owing to her multiple award winning song “You Exist in My Song”. Wanting’s first two albums were bilingual releases with songs in English and in Chinese. While the media likes to consult the grapevine in writing about her for a couple of reasons, it is her music that we find the most worthy of attention because it is so good. Wanting is working on her third studio album and recently released two brand new tracks, the English “Your Girl” which is sweet and fun, and the Chinese “Best Plan” which is powerful and uplifting. We embed them below to whet your appetites.