Katy Perry Tussles with a Parachute

katy perry black cat

The first gold medal of the Rio Olympics has been won by the United States, in the sport of shooting. How typical! A number of American A-list singers are expected to release new albums this year including Britney Spears, Bruno Mars, and Katy Perry. The latter has released a new music video for her latest Olympic-themed song “Rise” in which she tussles with a parachute. Have a look below. After releasing an independent album in 2001, Katy Perry broke through with One of the Boys in 2008. “Rise” is her 19th Top 40 hit in the States. An oft-cited record of hers is that she became the first female soloist to score five number one hits from an album in the United States. Mylène Farmer and Delta Goodrem have also accomplished this, in France and Australia respectively.