Let Me Love You

dj snake Encore_album_biber copy

After topping a number of charts around the globe with Major Lazer (thanks to “Cold Water”), Canada’s Justin Bieber joins forces with France’s DJ Snake on “Let Me Love You”. It is not the most original composition, a combination perhaps of “Stressed Out” by Twenty One Pilots and the former track by DJ Snake and Major Lazer, “Lean On”. “Let Me Love You” continues the proclivities of 2016 EDM to favour giddy-up beats. The track appears on DJ Snake’s just-released debut album Encore. He is fairly new at the game first releasing music in 2013 and his real name is William Sami Etienne Grigahcine. Justin Bieber has become a highly sought after vocalist especially for electronic dance music makers. Arguably, his preferred singing style is more in the vein of R&B than pop, warbling over the melody (if there is one) rather than carrying the melody. The Biebs burst onto the scene as a teen star releasing his first single “One Time” in 2009. He has sold an estimated 100 million records worldwide and has to date scored more than forty Top 40 hits in his home country both as the main and as a featured artist.