BeSIDEme, Gigi

Gigi Leung

C-pop superstar Gigi Leung of Hong Kong is celebrating 20 years of making music. The model, actress, and singer released her first album, Love Myself (Cantonese) in 1996. Gigi become a household name throughout greater China with her followup, the Mandarin disc Short Hair. The title-track was such a blockbuster hit that many girls and young women across China cut their hair short. Known for her tall stature, short hair, and birdy voice, Gigi has worked hard through the years releasing well over 20 studio albums with a mixture of adult contemporary, singer-songwriter, and pop tunes. In 2001 she released four LPs within the year. In celebration of the anniversary, Gigi Leung presents “BeSIDEme”.  We embed the Mandarin version followed by the Cantonese version below.