The Most Popular American Song of 2016?

What better way to determine the most popular American song of the year than by looking at the American charts. Let the Americans be the judge of their own music. According to the Billboard USA Hot 100 year-end chart for 2016, which combines digital sales, radio airplay, and streaming data, the #1 song of the year in the country was by a Canadian artist. In fact, the top four songs were by non-American artists. “Love Yourself” from Justin Bieber was number one, and his “Sorry” was #2. Drake, also Canadian, was #3 with “One Dance”. At #4 is Barbados’ Rihanna with “Work” which features Drake. The saying goes that Canadians prefer British music, the Brits prefer American music, and the Americans prefer Canadian music. Yes, the grass is always greener on the other side of the … border, isn’t it. The top American artist entry on the chart is “Stressed Out” from Twenty One Pilots at #5 of the year. This is a rap-pop duo from the U.S. city of Columbus, Ohio. The duo has been around since 2009 but had a massive breakthrough with its fourth album.