The Most Popular Chinese Song of 2016?

There is really no official top 100 songs of the year chart for China. Throughout the greater Chinese region, various radio stations may publish charts, various karaoke chains publish most called up songs. Websites like KKBox and Baidu track stats for songs streamed or downloaded. Since 1998, the Hit FM radio network on the island of Taiwan (the city of Taibei is pretty much the world’s main music hub for Mandopop) has published lists of the year-end top 100 songs. It is at least something to go on, and it is agreeable that the songs on the chart are among the more popular through the year. The 2016 year-end chart is here (easier for Chinese language readers). At #1 of the year is not a Chinese national but a Singaporean artist named JJ Lin. His English name is Wayne. The JJ is an abbreviation of his Chinese name Junjie. He has somewhat of a unique sounding voice which some may like and some not. The top song from a homegrown artist is adult pop ballad “When You Are Gone” from Hebe Tien. This is a song of hers as a soloist. She is also 1/3 of extremely popular girl group S.H.E. We have embedded the MV below.