Coldplay Tops iTunes with EP Kaleidoscope

British band Coldplay dropped EP Kaleidoscope which is currently a best-seller around the globe. In Y2K, Coldplay, a new band, broke into the British Top 40 with “Shiver” from debut album Parachutes, while “Yellow” and piano ballad “Trouble”, making the Top 10, exported the group’s success into the land down under. Canada reacted strongly to “In My Place” (#2) off second album A Rush of Blood to the Head. The United States took forever to warm up to the band; “Clocks” finally did it in the Republic, though only making the Top 30. “Speed of Sound” from third album X&Y became Coldplay’s first Top 10 in the U.S.

New EP Kaleidoscope opens with “All I Can Think About Is You” which presents a euphoric wall of sound that is completely mesmerizing. The group falters a bit on “Miracles”. The funky track starts off well, but when featured artist Big Sean begins rapping, the song is ruined. It would do British artists credit if they refused to succumb to American thinking that everything needs to be urbanized. Things improve on atmospheric “Aliens”. The live version of “Something Just Like This” from Tokyo betters the original. Kaleidoscope ends with the very nicely done “Hypnotised”. The EP is a welcome complement to previous LP A Head Full of Dreams. It is estimated that Coldplay has sold more than 80 million records worldwide.