As its name suggests, the International Music Blog (IMB) is an online English-language magazine dedicated to providing information about popular international recording artists and their music regardless of the language in which it is performed. The focus is on the music, not celebrity gossip. While the blog cannot possibly cover every release from every superstar around the world, it highlights popular new songs, albums, and music videos which it finds particularly appealing. Unlike other sites which call themselves international music blogs but feature English-language music only, the IMB features music in any language from artists around the world – Europe, Asia, Oceania, the Americas, and Africa. Recording artists that we feature need not be well-known internationally. As long as they are championing the charts in their own country, that is good enough for us.

The Header Image

The IMB features six recording artists from different countries and at least three continents in its header image. These will be changed every few months. To recommend a soloist to include, send us a tweet (see Twitter link below).


Categories on the blog are the countries of origin / nationalities of the recording artists featured in the posts rather than where the artists are based or are most popular.


All articles in the blog are owned by the author and are subject to international copyright laws. Copying in whole or in part is strictly prohibited except with the express permission of the author. Violation will result in our contacting your webmaster.


In order to stay away from clutter and popups, we have not opened this blog up to advertising. However, WordPress itself from time to time places small ads below blog posts. We do not endorse any of these.


Twitter: https://twitter.com/globalmusicbl

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/International-Music-Blog-135872720148160/


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