Twice Likey Vancouver

Relatively new on the scene is nine-member South Korean girl group Twice. Song “Cheer Up” was a blockbuster hit last year; its MV is as of now at 223 million views. The K-Pop specialists have released new song “Likey” which has topped iTunes in a number of countries and territories. Its music video has been out for just over a week and is closing in on 50 million views. The MV was shot in its entirety in Vancouver, Canada. Have a look and listen below.


BTS #3 in Canada

South Korean boy group BTS hit #3 in Canada and #7 in the United States with new album Love Yourself: 承 ‘Her’. The seven member collective debuted in 2013. This year, Forbes magazine ranked BTS the third biggest Korean music artist after girl group Twice and fellow boy group EXO. Below is the MV for track “DNA” which has as of this writing nearly 73 million views.

The Return of Psy

It’s been a while since we’ve heard from Gangnam Style horsie dancer Psy, but he’s back. If there was ever anyone in the world who could put a big smile on your face, the South Korean rapper is the man. Psy has released brand new album Psy 8th 4×2=8 and treated us with two super fun music videos, for tracks “I Luv It” (find a cameo by the pen pineapple guy) and “New Face”. Musically, “I Luv It” is a little more of a retro dance, while “New Face” is unmistakably Psy. The music video for the latter is beautifully shot and a pure blast. We embed both videos below.

10 Million Views in a Day for K-Pop’s Twice

Formed during reality TV show Sixteen, 9-member girl group Twice is hot, hot, hot! The K-Pop stars just released debut full-length album Twicecoaster: Lane 2 following a number of extended plays. The LP’s opening track is “Knock Knock”. The music video, out for only 1 day, is already past the 10 million views milestone and received a feature in U.S. Billboard magazine. Interestingly, not all the girls are from South Korea; it is more international. Members Nayeon, Jeongyeon, Jihyo, Dahyun, and Chaeyoung were born in South Korea. Momo and Sana were born in Japan. Mina was born in the U.S. and grew up in Japan. Tzuyu was born on the island of Taiwan. Momo is the main dancer of the group, while Jihyo is the lead singer. “Knock Knock” MV embedded below. Who’s there? Think Twice.

South Korea’s Lyn Is Back with Love Story


While beautiful, powerful adult contemporary love songs are having a hard time making it in the West these days, in the Orient they are full of life. South Korea’s Lyn definitely has *the gift*. She released her 10th album last year and is dazzling us all with her gorgeous new song “Love Story” from the official soundtrack of The Legend of the Blue Sea, a fresh Korean TV series in the romantic comedy and fantasy genre. It is based on a classic Korean tale of the romance between a fisherman and a mermaid and the schemes of a con artist in modern times.

Why So Lonely, Wonder Girls

wonder girls

South Korea’s Wonder Girls are a 4-member female group which debuted in 2007. Two years later, WG became the first South Korean group to enter the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 thanks to the super catchy song “Nobody”. The girls have released a new single which brings some reggae vibes into K-pop. The track is “Why So Lonely” and it has hit #1 on the charts in South Korea. Have a listen below. Wonder Girls’ fourth studio album is in the works.

BTS Spouts Fire!


South Korean group BTS has launched a new single complete with music video. Generally speaking, K-Pop is more urban oriented than the adult contemporary melody-based piano balladry of C-Pop (Chinese pop), though you can find evidence of both genres in the respective industries. BTS has seven members, all male. As K-Pop has become more familiar in the western market in recent years, you can find the new music video at the very top of, for example, the iTunes Canada chart. The new song is entitled “Fire”, and as you can see from the MV below, these lads sure know how to entertain! Find “Fire” on new compilation double album The Most Beautiful Moment In Life: Young Forever.